Offering a Flat Fee Service for Prosecution of US Plant Patent Applications
Plant Patent Services

Creating Security for your Innovations at Reasonable Fees

Experienced Service for:

Flat Fee Services

We bill on a "Flat Fee" basis, which we believes provides a number of advantages to individuals and businesses:

Customer Service

Your applications will always receive personal attention.

It is of great important that our clients feel confident and informed during the patent process. We place a high priority on communication with our clients, by email, phone, or occasional face to face meetings.

By specializing exclusively in Plant Patents, we can always offer the very best service to our clients.

Your Plants, and Getting on the right Path

As each breeder has a specific product and history, we do not give simply generic advice. You are most welcome to contact us directly for advice concerning your specific situation. This office is completely updated on all areas of US Patent law, as related to plants and can advise in a personalized and experienced manner.

Briefly about Patents

A Patent is a limited right granted by a government that allows the inventor to control the reproduction, use or sale of a specifically defined invention.

In the United States, patent protection is extended to new plants.

Plant Patents are valid in the United States for 20 years, from the filing date without maintenance fees.Please contact us directly for the current fee schedule.