Offering a Flat Fee Service for Prosecution of US Plant Patent Applications

Dedication to Professionalism and our Clients

Since 1996 Cassy Bright has been working with breeders to coordinate their intellectual property needs. A professional horticulturist, with a strong interest in genetics, biochemistry and gardening Cassy brings a wide variety of experience and skills. Having worked in the vegetable seed business, consumer fruit production as well as the horticulture industry, she is well prepared to assist clients in all aspects of plant legal protection.

In 2007 HortisUSA, a joint partnership between Cassy Bright and Lennard van Vliet of the Netherlands, was formed as a service company for breeders with a variety of needs related to intellectual property rights. Together, we have the experience and expertise to coordinate clients' legal and market needs with their horticultural innovations

Thank You

I would like to especially thank my clients, both long-term, and those with whom I have a more recent relationship. I am always grateful for your confidence in me, and look forward to our continued success together.

To those making new inquiries, thanks for taking the time to investigate our business. I would be happy to personally answer your questions.

Cassy Bright